Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lord Kubera !

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Intent - Content - IMPACT

Communication is a dicey business.

Unless what you think, say and what the others understand are aligned, communication can create embarassing sceanrios like it happened to an old mountain woman.

She was having trouble getting her donkey to pull its heavily laden cart up the hill. Seeing her plight, the village  lawyer got behind the cart and pushed it up over the hill and over the top.

As they stopped to catch their breath, the woman told the lawyer, " Thanks a lot. I'd never have gotten it done with just one donkey."

Speakers may want to change the profession from a lawyer to a software engineer or accountant and the like when using this story.

For similiar anecdotes, do look up ' A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Podium" by Herbert V Prochnow.

Make your move.... NOW !

Recently I used this anecdote to amplify my point about the need to be agile and move swiftly by anticipating customer needs in a session on ' Change Faster' for a group of marketing managers. And it registered very well. I hope all of you find it amusing and some of you, perhaps, relate to this :-)
A husband and wife were playing chess.
"This reminds me of when we were dating" the wife said.
"We never played chess in those days, Honey," the husband said.
" No, but even then, it took you two hours to make a move."

Monday, February 25, 2013



Stepping out to meet a client, I noticed I'd forgotten to polish my shoes. I stopped by a roadside cobbler in Royapettah in Chennai.

Even as his hands worked on my shoes with the dexterity of a surgeon performing a complicated task,he would regularly seek the attention of prospective customers.

When locals passed by, he said, "POLISH! POLISH ! "

And when a foreigner went past, he called out-" SHOE SHINE ! SHOE SHINE !"

I complimented him on his 'know your audience' pitch and he excitedly told me he learnt it from his European boss when he was working for a now- defunct leather firm.

Sixty five years old, with his children happily married and settled, he doesn't depend on them and takes pride in his skill and there's a zing in his voice as he goes about his job !



Saturday, November 05, 2011

Devilish Retort

I had used this quip as an MC at a convention earlier this year - Definition of the Indian way of greeting -NAMASTE - the Divine in me respects the Divine in you !

Abhilash Annadurai, a Facebook friend's rejoinder - " I like the definition. However, in the case of politicians, it is 'the devil in me eyes the idiot in you !"